Green Jobs for a Sustainable Future

AEA offers training through workforce programs and for individuals interested in pursuing work in the green economy. The courses are offered in-person at our state-of-the-art training facility and on demand through our e-learning platform. We provide technical training and certifications that prepare you for a successful career. See the course descriptions below to sign up for the training best suited for your needs.

In Person & Webinar Courses

Building Science Principles

This 5 session training provides participants with a foundation in the approaches and techniques of the residential energy efficiency upgrade process, by exposing students to the broad range of green…..

Best Practices for Installation of Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps

A major goal of this training will be to help contractor participants have a better understanding of the important role that installation of ccASHP is now being expected to play in helping NYS and NYC to achieve their Greenhouse Gas Emission…..

Healthy Housing Principles

The Healthy Home Principles course provides the base level knowledge for individuals who want to learn how to analyze home-based environmental health and safety hazards by integrating qualitative observations with…..

On Demand | E-learning Courses

Multifamily Building Operator

Building staff make operations and maintenance (O&M) decisions daily that directly affect the comfort and safety of residents and the building’s energy costs. This E-Learning course helps personnel eliminate the guesswork from managing…..

High Performance Buildings and Electrification

This On Demand E-learning course gives students a detailed overview of building science concepts specific to electrification. As we move toward building electrification, this course is relevant for people hoping to work in the building…..