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AEA educators and trainers are recognized as some of the very best in the field, with experience in energy auditing and design, workscope and specification development, project management, quality assurance, managing and developing programs, and related subjects. AEA trainers are skilled in communicating effectively with adult learners at all levels.

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Equitable Electrification

Date: April 22, 2022

On Earth Day, we affirm that the goals of beneficial electrification, energy efficiency and housing security will always be intertwined. Generally, they work together: high-performing building systems save energy and save owners money on building operations, reducing the upward pressure on rents.

But not all building owners care to share savings resulting from energy improvements with their tenants — even when they are taking advantage of government or utility incentives to install them.

We focus on electrification projects consistent with principles of equity and inclusion. While it is easiest to do this in master-metered buildings –where owners are already responsible to pay for electricity to the apartments – we cannot achieve the necessary scale to meet our climate goals without converting most of our housing stock to renewably sourced, electric heating, cooling and cooking equipment.

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