Technical Services

AEA can help you manage your building’s energy use with energy audits, retro-commissioning, design services for energy efficient system upgrades or new construction, project management, and construction oversight services. Contact us and we’ll work with you to review your goals and the energy savings potential of your properties.

The Association for Energy Affordability is a leading provider of technical services for energy efficiency in buildings. AEA’s services include energy audits, modeling, project work scope and specification development, construction management, benchmarking and energy usage monitoring, and green building design services for high performance new construction.

  • Energy Audits

    Whether you need a targeted energy study and report, want to incorporate energy upgrades into a planned rehabilitation project, or need to understand how you can act on opportunities within your building operations strategy, AEA staff has the experience to guide your decision making. Our comprehensive insights will help you to maximize savings and overall performance of your facility.

  • NYC Compliance

    New York City offers its own complex set of rules and regulations. Whether your team needs an Integrated Physical Needs Assessment (IPNA) to obtain financing for upcoming renovations, energy benchmarking, a Local Law 87 Energy Audit and Retro Commissioning Study, or wants to begin planning for Local Law 97 compliance and the capital investments it may require, AEA staff has the expertise to navigate all regulatory compliance requirements. As an implementer of multiple government and utility energy efficiency programs, we can help you to access resources to complete certain upgrades ahead of schedule.


  • Commissioning and Retro-Commissioning

    AEA provides commissioning services for both new and existing buildings. When building systems do not perform as intended, it often takes an expert to understand why. AEA staff can diagnose existing systems to determine the root causes of such issues on your site. AEA staff will recommend and facilitate the proper corrections by a contractor you select or from within our professional network.

  • Plans and Specifications

    AEA engineering professionals routinely generate the required specifications for a complete and functional project in-house. AEA staff can assist your team in preparing bid documents, qualified vendor lists, pre-bid walkthroughs, project management, and Quality Control Inspection services to guarantee your project delivers the value you deserve for the best price possible.

  • New Construction

    When constructing a new project, AEA staff will work with your development team to identify the best technology and strategy to achieve your project’s energy goals. It is critical to understand high performance building standards and the “stretch” codes and requirements of the state and municipality where the project will be built. Many of our clients must satisfy Enterprise Green Communities criteria. Some are planning to earn an energy or sustainability credential such as Passive House or LEED. Engaging our engineering team early in the planning process is critical to successful efforts to build smart, sustainable, efficient projects.
    Many AEA clients are managers and developers of affordable or supportive housing. We recognize that energy efficiency goals comprise just one element of their vision for a project. AEA’s experienced team works with owners, project architects and engineers to maximize the social benefit and performance potential of each project within the limits of available funding.

  • Electrification

    To meet our urgent carbon reduction goals, it is imperative that buildings take steps now to prepare to move beyond relying on fossil fuels for heating, cooling, domestic hot water, and cooking. This has ramifications for design decisions regarding building systems. AEA staff have championed alternative heating methods, consulted on Passive House, solar and on-site generation projects, and developed the models and project plans to complete them. Let us help you discover the benefits of clean energy for your building today.

  • Property Assessments

    Capital Needs Assessments, also called Property Condition Assessments or Integrated Physical Needs Assessments, are a core part of building management and often required by public or private lenders in order for a renovation project or other building transaction to obtain financing. Many funders now require applicants to secure a broader, “integrated” assessment of building conditions that will identify inefficient building systems and health and safety hazards, so that appropriate improvements to address these conditions can be incorporated into project work scopes and budgets during early planning stages.

    AEA is a qualified IPNA provider on the NYC Housing Development Corporation’s list (used also by the State for its projects in New York), and is a registered Needs Assessor firm with the US Housing Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) CNA e-Tool for the preparation, submission, review and approval of capital needs assessments for the Office of Multifamily Housing programs.

    AEA’s property assessment team performs Integrated Physical Needs Assessments for projects seeking funding under the City’s Green Housing Preservation Program or NYS Homes and Community Renewal. We follow ASTM E2018-15 Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments. Since 2017, we have completed IPNAs of 78 regulated multifamily buildings containing nearly 3,000 units. We have conducted CNAs of 984 units of public housing as a NYCHA Due Diligence subcontractor for RAD conversions in NYC, and have performed comprehensive building assessments for NYSHCR’s Weatherization Preservation Plus program.