Multifamily Affordable
Housing Electrification
Program (MAHEP)

Program Overview

The Multifamily Affordable Housing Electrification Program (MAHEP) is administered by the South Coast AQMD and implemented by AEA. MAHEP provides incentives for existing low-income multifamily buildings properties to upgrade combustion-based NOx producing equipment with high efficiency electric heat pumps and induction cooktops. Incentives are eligible for the gas to electric upgrade of water heaters, space heating/cooling equipment, cooking appliances, and laundry appliances that serve apartments, common areas, or central systems.

Property Eligibility Requirements

1. Contain at least 5 units
2. Meet affordability requirement of at least 66% of households at or below 80% of Area Median Income
3. Be located in a South Coast AQMD Territory
4. Be located in a Cal EPA Disadvantaged Community (DAC)
5. Replace combustion-based equipment with high-efficiency electric heat pump alternatives under program technical support

Program Process:

Eligible Measures and Incentives:

Note: higher incentives are available if located within 6 miles of a program identified peaker power plant or refinery. Contact the program for more information.


MAHEP Priority Territories:


For more information about the Multifamily Affordable Housing Electrification Program (MAHEP), email us at: MAHEP@aea.us.org