Multifamily Affordable
Housing Electrification
Program (MAHEP)

Program Overview:

The Multifamily Affordable Housing Electrification Program (MAHEP) is administered by the South Coast AQMD and implemented by AEA. MAHEP provides incentives for existing low-income multifamily buildings properties to upgrade combustion-based NOx producing equipment with high efficiency electric heat pumps and induction cooktops. Incentives are eligible for the gas to electric upgrade of water heaters, space heating/cooling equipment, cooking appliances, and laundry appliances that serve apartments, common areas, or central systems.

Property Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Contain at least 5 units
  2. Meet affordability requirement of at least 66% of households at or below 80% of Area Median Income
  3. Be located in aSouth Coast AQMD Territory
  4. Be located in aCal EPA Disadvantaged Community (DAC)
  5. Replace combustion-based equipment with high-efficiency electric heat pump alternatives under program technical support

Program Process:

Eligible Measures and Incentives:

Note: higher incentives are available if located within 6 miles of a program identified peaker power plant or refinery. Contact the program for more information.


MAHEP Priority Territories:


For more information about the Multifamily Affordable Housing Electrification Program (MAHEP), email us at: