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We offer comprehensive education, exclusive training, and support to equip yourself in joining this exciting electric market transformation opportunity delivered by industry experts. Learn about Heat Pump HVAC and water heater technologies, the benefits of electrification, design and specification information, and TECH Clean California.

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Required Participating Contractor Onboarding Training

Participating Contractors are required to take these courses to complete enrollment in TECH Clean California. These videos deliver onboarding training and provide an overview of the initiative and instructions to submit TECH Clean California incentives.

Target audience: Participating Contractors and Support Staff

TECH Electrification Knowledge HUB


Electrify My Home

Residential Space Conditioning and Water Heating (Single Family)

Electrify My Home presents a robust 3-day introduction to residential electrification. Course topics include electrification basics, soft skills in sales, and systems/envelope performance.

Association for Energy Affordability

Installing Individual Heat Pump Water Heaters

Learn about design, sizing, and installations aspects of individual heat pump water heaters. Learnings apply to multifamily and single-family conditions. Learn about the constraints and opportunities for different building configurations.

Association for Energy Affordability

Multifamily Electrification 101

Come learn about what it takes to have a successful retrofit or new construction multifamily electrification project.

Association for Energy Affordability

Multifamily Electrification: Retrofit Applications and Electrical Assessments

Come explore multifamily electrification retrofits. Learn about electrical infrastructure and products, and what it takes to have a successful retrofit multifamily electrification project.

Association for Energy Affordability

Multifamily Electrification Retrofits for Property Owners

Explore multifamily electrification retrofits from the property owner’s perspective, learn about goal setting, resources, technology options, applications and what it takes to have a successful retrofit multifamily electrification project.

Thermostatic Mixing Valve Training Video

Use of TMV’s guarantees consistent hot water temperatures and allows for higher tank heat settings. Higher heat settings kill bacteria, which is important in some residential and many commercial settings. Higher heat and using a TMV also increases the hot water…

Coast Community

Central Coast Community Energy

Onboarding for Central Coast Community Energy’s Electrify Your Home Incentive Program

ESMAC and TECH Clean California

TECH & ESMAC Heat Pump Water Heater Education

ENERGY STAR Heat Pump Water Heater Manufacturer Action Council (ESMAC) and TECH Clean California present: Heat Pump Water Heating Education…

Association for Energy Affordability

Central Heat Pump Water Heater – Advanced Design and Installation (Multifamily)

The heat pump market in the US is evolving and new technologies are being brought in to expand options and applications. Come take a deeper dive into some existing water heating systems, sizing calculations, design options and load shifting.

Association for Energy Affordability

Multifamily Central Water Heating Field Training

Learn about central heat pump water heater systems, installation factors and operational considerations. Training will include an overview of the design process, installation challenges, and operations and maintenance.


Association for Energy Affordability

Multifamily Building Owners/ Managers

Includes introductory and intermediate courses on electrification, heat pump technologies for multifamily buildings.

Target audience: Owners, Developers, Asset Managers, and Property Managers

Association for Energy Affordability

Multifamily Building Professionals

Includes introductory to advanced courses covering electrification, heat pump technologies and design and installation practices.

Target audience: Contractors, MEPs, Architects, and Consultants

Association for Energy Affordability

Single Family Contractors and Professionals

Includes introductory courses on electrification, building science, and high performing buildings.
Courses are delivered by on-demand and live webinar formats.

Target audience: Contractors, Installers, Crew Leads, and Architects