AEA’s best kept secret … Custom Courses

We are a learning organization and we seek to support learning in organizations that perform all kinds of work in support of our energy efficiency mission.

As part of this commitment we develop custom courses for the employees or clients including energy service providers, property management firms, real estate owners, workforce development organizations, utilities and others.

With the energy and climate challenges ahead, we need everyone to excel.

“It’s our mission to train our competition.”

AEA’s instructional quality derives from the experience of our technical staff. Our commitment to technical excellence is the reason we got into training in the mid-1990s. We started by training our own Weatherization membership, and we extend that dedication to all of our students.

Our trainers come to AEA with energy efficiency experience and our best trainers continue to be actively engaged in analyzing and recommending building systems, and performing energy efficiency retrofit and new construction projects. This ongoing exposure to new tools and trials in the field leads us to continuously develop new courses and improve and update existing ones, including classes especially adapted to meet the needs of specific employers or programs.

To learn more about custom courses at AEA, click here.

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