Weatherization Courses

AEA is a national Weatherization Training Center delivering training and technical assistance consistent with the new Workforce Guidelines of the US Department of Energy (DOE), which include Standard Work Specifications and standardized curricula for workers to be trained and certified as energy auditorsinstallers,crew chiefs, and inspectors.

AEA is funded directly by DOE as a National Weatherization Training Center to harness its innovative interactive distance learning platform (insert hyperlink to a description of it with the little video) to deliver targeted training to extend and support the capacity of weatherization staff nationally to perform weatherize multifamily buildings. Partnering with regional weatherization training centers across the US, AEA serves as the national hub for this “Connected Classroom” network whose partners serve widely disparate climate zones and housing types. For a list of our Distance Learning Partners, click here.

As a Weatherization Training and Technical Assistance provider, AEA provides a variety of courses and services as required in the States where it is active. AEA is funded by New York State Homes and Community Renewal as a technical services provider and training center supporting Weatherization. In Connecticut, AEA performs technical services for multifamily weatherization to subgrantees, while in California, AEA delivers training to subgrantees under subcontract to RHA.

New Installer Courses to help buildings meet Energy Conservation Codes, earn LEED or Passive House certification.

  • The construction and renovation of both commercial and residential buildings is governed by increasingly detailed energy conservation codes.
  • Developers of new buildings seek LEED or even deeper Passive House certification for their properties.
  • And many energy efficiency programs including Weatherization have adopted uniform worker certification requirements or standard work specifications.

More than ever, workers who are crew chiefs, installers and inspectors need hands-on experience with the tools, materials and work processes for which they are responsible. For those seeking the deepest energy reductions to Passive House standards, even more rigorous training of installers is require to meet the standards. In response to these needs, AEA is now offering leading edge training by experienced trainers from Passive House Academy, the Air Barrier Association of America, and its own staff to provide installers with the depth of knowledge and skills they (and their employers) will need to succeed in this increasingly competitive industry.



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