Passive House at AEA

AEA offers the Certified Passive House Passive House Tradesperson (CPHT) course developed by the Passive House Academy of Ireland. This class is held at AEA’s Passive House and Installer Training Laboratory in the New York City.  The course prepares students to take examinations for internationally recognized certifications from the Passive House Institute in Germany.  The Passive House Tradesperson class is taught by AEA instructors who have earned the certification and worked on Passive House projects in New York City.

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The Certified Passive House Tradesperson course is designed for experienced contractors who need to learn about the materials used for passive house construction, and want hands-on experience with the installation and detailing techniques required to achieve the demanding requirements for certification under the Passive House Standard. Additionally, many techniques learned in this course may be seen as best practices for installers on any retrofit or new construction project for which maximizing energy savings is a goal.

Design professionals responsible for specifying and overseeing passive house construction jobs also benefit from this course, which helps them to more easily inspect and assess work underway at the job site.

Since we began offering this class at AEA, we have seen growing demand from the contracting industry including both home builders and renovators and contractors working on multifamily and commercial projects.  Among our staff, seven employees – including construction managers, crew leaders, installers, trainers and auditors – have earned the Certified Passive House Tradesperson credential.

The Certified Passive House Consultant/Designer 8-day class is now held at PHA’s New York Headquarters in Brooklyn.  The course incorporates a day at AEA’s Passive House Training Laboratory. Students may register for the Consultant course on the PHA website. AEA’s Passive House Consultants and Passive House Designer are actively working with developers of new multifamily passive house construction projects

Location:  PHA, 334 Douglass Street, Brooklyn, NY Location:  AEA Passive House and Installer Training Lab, 1695 Boone Avenue, Bronx, NY
Course  Overview: This eight-day course provides design professionals with the knowledge and practical skills they need to design a building to meet Passive House Standards. The course is aimed at Building Design Professionals, including Architects and Mechanical and Electrical engineers. Course  Overview: This five-day course provides the knowledge and practical skills Building Contractors need to build to the worlds most efficient energy standard. The course is aimed at Building Design Professionals, including Architects and Mechanical and Electrical Engineers.  Demonstrations by industry professionals familiarize students with Passive House materials and products.
Instructor: Tomás O’Leary Instructor: Kevin Brennan, CPHT
 Click here for the course flyer. Click here for the course flyer.




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