Contracting Opportunities in Weatherization for M/WBEs

AEA and its member nonprofit  Weatherization agencies are looking for New York State-certified minority- and woman-owned contractors (M/WBEs) to install energy efficiency measures in eligible residential and multifamily properties.

If you are an M/WBE contractor providing insulation, boiler clean & tunes, heating system upgrades, window replacement, ventilation system cleaning or improvements, low-flow devices, energy efficient lighting, or other eligible measures, here’s what you need to do:

Contact each local agency directly

Each Weatherization agency (or “subgrantee”) conducts its own bidding and maintains it own bidder lists in various construction trades to invite them to bid on projects.  Your company must be on the relevant list to be notified of upcoming bids.  For this, you need to contact the Weatherization agencies in the areas where you wish to work directly, and ask them to add you to the lists they use for types of work you can perform.   If your firm is NY State-certified MBE or WBE firm, be sure to mention this when you contact them.  

To help you make connections, we have prepared a list with the name and contact information for each Weatherization subgrantee in the downstate NY region.

Download Weatherization contacts for Contractors

Some Weatherization agencies require a short application to be added to their lists.  For others, you may be able to complete your request with a phone call.  When you submit a bid for a project, you will be required to submit additional business information and references by the agency. 

Do It Now

While bidding takes place year round, most Weatherization agencies issue the largest number of invitations to bid early in the New York State Contract Year, which begins on April 1.  

Some of these bids result in annual term contracts for a specific type of work such as insulation, window replacement, heating system upgrades, ventilation and duct cleaning and repair, or lighting labor and materials. Winners of such bids who enter into an annual contract may be assigned to work on multiple projects  during the course of the year.  Other bids are for single projects. 

Note:  Heating contractors must be pre-qualified and accepted onto the Clean Boiler Contractors List before they can be added to a downstate Weatherization agency’s bid list for major multifamily heating projects.  Click here for details.

Watch the Webinar

On March 14, 2018, AEA conducted a webinar describing Contracting Opportunities in Weatherization for M/WBEs.

If you have not seen it, or would like to review the presentation, you can view a recording of the webinar below.

M/WBE Contracting Opportunities in Weatherization from AEA Productions on Vimeo.

All Weatherization contracting processes must comply with the State’s policies and procedures for the Weatherization Assistance Program.



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