Timely Warnings from BPI re: Health and Safety Hazards from Generators, Moisture Damage

In a release posted today In Sandy’s Wake, Lend a Hand on the Building Performance Institute website, BPI Executive Director Larry Zarker issued a stark and urgent alert to those affected by Hurricane Sandy regarding the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning from improperly positioned back-up generators.

BPI warns households and businesses not to position generators indoors or in enclosed spaces (including garages) and to follow manufacturers’ instructions carefully for generator use.

The release also addressed moisture damage (the subject of James Lane’s post on AEA’s website yesterday) with useful tips for recognizing and taking action on mold.

We urge our partners, associates, and clients to take all precautions for their safety and that of their customers, building occupants and personal contacts during the recovery from Storm Sandy.  If you are unable to use back-up power sources safely where you live or are staying, it is better to move to a shelter or other alternate location where your safety and that of your loved ones can be better assured.

We encourage you to share BPI’s notice widely to insure maximum exposure across the region affected by the storm.

From all of us at AEA, take care.

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