Thanksgiving Thoughts

At Thanksgiving we take time to recognize the individuals and organizations that make it possible for us to perform our work and make progress toward our goals of making housing healthful, comfortable, energy efficient, and affordable.

This includes the energy professionals, contractors and installers who depend on us for quality training to assess, specify, and install energy efficiency measures.

It includes our own direct customers who place their trust in us to perform energy upgrades safely, professionally, and cost-effectively, and who refer their colleagues to us.

It includes our community-based weatherization network, our nonprofit partners in the affordable housing and energy efficiency space, and other companies with whom we collaborate to advance our mutual goals.

And it includes the government and private sector entities whose programs provide funds to support this work, especially in housing occupied by households who could not otherwise afford to do it.

During my 23 years as AEA’s executive director, we have seen major progress towards clean energy but also a huge increase in demand for energy to power our lives. Today the need for efficient and affordable energy solutions is as urgent as it has ever been. Under the shifting pressures of climate and geopolitical challenges there is a clear path for action whose benefits cannot be dismissed: energy conservation, energy efficiency and clean, renewable energy all contribute to a healthier environment and can make a mighty contribution to our economy as well.

At AEA we are dedicated to our mission of energy affordability so that everyone can experience the increased comfort, health, safety and financial savings that energy efficiency can provide. We credit our customers with many of the insights that have improved the quality of our work, the professionalism of our staff, and the effectiveness of the programs we manage and services we deliver. You make us better at what we do. For this, at Thanksgiving and always, we are thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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