T-12 Lamp Manufacturing Phase-out Update

As of July 1, 2012, many conventional T-12 fluorescent lamps are being phased out of production.  This means that supplies of these lamps will dwindle, affecting availability and contributing to increased prices for these lamps for building owners.

So… shall we rush out to the supply house to stock up?  Not really.

While the phase-out is a reason to take action, it is no cause for alarm.  High-efficiency lighting alternatives are readily available and they can save your building plenty on your electric bills over what you spend to keep your T-12 lights burning.  Speak to an AEA energy consultant today about how a modest investment can save your building and its occupants money on electricity and improve the quality of light for everyone.  For more information, contact Juana Marte at jmarte@aea.us.org or call 718-292-6733, ext. 8000.

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