Savings and Kudos Flow from Weatherization at Westbeth

Westbeth Artists Housing, a complex of affordable housing, work and performance spaces for artists that occupies a full city block (the former campus of Bell Labs) in New York City’s West Village, celebrated the completion of a $3.4 million ARRA Weatherization project on June 14th. Officials from NYS Homes and Community Renewal, NYSERDA, HUD, and other key actors participated in addition to Westbeth leadership and Phipps Houses Services, the managing agent for Westbeth.

Weatherized by Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation, the project replaced a 40-year-old steam heating plant that burned #6 oil with high efficiency dual-fuel hot water boilers and controls, and converted parts of the existing distribution system from steam to hot water. In addition to more efficient operation, this work also brings the complex into compliance with City requirements to burn cleaner heating fuels. High-efficiency lighting, roof insulation and other weatherization measures, including ventilation upgrades, will increase the comfort, health and safety of residents. These improvements are expected to achieve substantial savings (estimated at over 40%) on the energy use of the complex.

Funding for the project came from several sources; in addition to Weatherization funds, incentives were provided by the NYSERDA MPP program, and the NYSERDA MCERP (Carbon Emissions Reduction) program. AEA technical services staff led by senior energy engineer Patrick Brennan performed the energy audit for the complex, supported by NMIC Weatherization staff.

AEA also served as the NYSERDA MPP partner guiding the project through the phases and review processes of that program. In addition to the audit, Brennan provided the heating and ventilation specifications and assisted in providing construction oversight throughout the duration of the yearlong project.

To learn more about the Weatherization of Westbeth, click here.

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