Passive House Primer Course at AEA

A half-day Passive House Primer course was conducted by Tomás O’Leary at AEA’s Energy Management Training Center in New York City on June 25th.

Twenty-five attendees took part in the course on-site in New York City, while five participants in AEA’s California office joined in via AEA’s high-definition, interactive distance learning platform.  A hearty competition among participants at the two sites took place with the use of electronic polling for a quiz at the end of the course.

The class discussed the definition of the Passive House Standard and explanation of space heating and cooling demand, as well as heating and cooling load. Key issues involved in designing projects to the Passive House standard were reviewed and case studies of built passive house projects were discussed, along with an overview of key construction elements (insulation, airtightness, thermal bridging, windows, energy recovery ventilation). Use of the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) was demonstrated, showing how the software can be used to evaluate materials, windows, and more.

New York participants wrapped up the day with a tour of AEA’s installer training lab, where the Passive House Tradesperson class for PHI’s internationally accepted certification is conducted, as well as other installer courses in preparation for residential and commercial installer certifications from BPI and ABAA.

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