John Tooley to speak at AEA on Increasing Performance Excellence

New York State has set aggressive goals for building performance and AEA, with support from NYSERDA and its training partners Advanced Energy and Passive House Academy, is doing its part, offering a comprehensive set of educational opportunities for individuals working in energy efficiency at unbeatable prices.

On Thursday, February 20th, we welcome guest speaker John Tooley from Advanced Energy to help us kick off our new NYSERDA-supported training series – Building Energy Efficiency Futures – with his keynote presentation on “Increasing Performance Excellence by Raising the Bar.” Tooley addresses the often short-lived nature of customer satisfaction and what building performance professionals must do to address recurring problems that erode excellent performance and derail our efforts to attain our goals. We are privileged to have John Tooley in New York at AEA’s Energy Management Training Center.

If you have not yet registered for what we promise will be a stimulating presentation and a stirring call to action, click here.

We’ll also hear from DOE’s Jennifer Somers at discussing the US Department of Energy’s initiatives in home performance, defining job and work standards and defining new certifications to meet the needs of today’s market.

John Tooley is well known in the home performance field as an engaging and inspiring presenter. Beginning as a home builder in the 1970s he moved into diagnosing and retrofitting homes across the nation. Inducted into the BPI Hall of Fame and awarded the 2013 Tony Woods award for Excellence in Advancing the Home Performance Industry, Tooley is a master of his craft. No matter how often your dad told you to “Do it right the first time,” you will never think of that expression the same way again after hearing Tooley.

Speaking of excellence, attendees at Thursday’s kick-off will see AEA’s Director of Training Operations, Adam Romano and AEA trainers in action at our state-of the art facilities and learn why the Interstate Renewable Energy Council described AEA as “On the Leading Edge of Technology-Enhanced Instruction.” Adam will introduce our training team and attendees will attend brief sessions to explore our offerings and facilities in more depth.

Whether your specialty is sustainability or property management, building maintenance, energy auditing, or construction, you’ll come away with new ideas to build your career and your business.

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