IREM NY Industry Partners Recognized at Member Meeting


Association for Energy Affordability and other IREM-NY Industry Partners

IREM-NY Industry Partners (AEA’s Marta Bell in front row, center)

At the May meeting of the Greater NY Chapter of the Institute of Real Estate Management, Industry Partners of the IREM-NY chapter (AEA among them) were introduced and recent recipients of IREM certifications were recognized. Keynote speaker Vincent Bove discussed strategies to reduce risks and respond quickly to natural disasters, accidents, or violent incidents. AEA’s Marta Bell contributed observations about experiences some of AEA’s energy efficiency clients during and in the aftermath of Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy.

As an IREM-NY Industry Partner, AEA offers energy efficiency and renewable energy technical services including energy audits and retrocommissioning, Energy Efficiency Reports for Local Law 87 compliance, specifications for heating system upgrades, construction management, quality assurance and technical assistance. 
Benchmarking services are also provided.  Our specialty is multifamily buildings and with a focus on affordable housing.  AEA also helps its clients to leverage government and utility energy efficiency programs across the region to advance their energy goals. This includes Weatherization, NYSERDA programs, and Con Edison’s Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program, for which AEA is the Implementation Contractor.

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