IREC accredits AEA Energy Auditor courses

The Association for Energy Affordability’s Residential Energy Auditor Training program was accredited in April by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC). This training prepares candidates for the new national certification in Residential Energy Auditing from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

Subject matter experts led by NREL developed the residential energy auditor certification as one of four new worker certifications (which also include retrofit installer, crew leader and quality control inspector). These certifications were developed as part of a comprehensive  initiative of the US Department of Energy (DOE) to provide national guidelines for Home Energy Professionals.

A key element of this certification and workforce development framework is the accreditation of training centers that prepare energy efficiency workers for certification and continuing professional skills development. The accreditation process holds training organizations to consistent standards to establish and uphold the value of the new certifications in the marketplace. IREC is the credentialing body responsible for assessing weatherization training centers that offer courses in one or more of the NREL residential energy workercertification tracks.

AEA’s name can now be found on the list of IREC ISPQ Accredited Training Programs for residential energy auditors on the IREC website. We anticipate submitting additional AEA training programs to the IREC accreditation process in the near future.

The April 2013 issue of IREC’s newsletter The Credentialing Chronicle featured an article about AEA and interview with our Executive Director David Hepinstall and Director of Curriculum Development and Accreditation Anna Sullivan.

• Click here to view the IREC article and interview.

• Click here to view AEA’s  press release on its first IREC course accreditation.

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