Access to EPA Portfolio Manager Online Benchmarking Tool to Close from June 26-July 9 for Upgrades

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has scheduled a major upgrade to its Portfolio Manager online benchmarking tool, used by property managers across the US to track the energy and water use of their buildings and submit reports to municipalities to comply with local mandates. The new product will deliver a much improved user experience and graphical interface with a wider range of  building types, colorful options for creating reports and expanded choices for sharing data about your buildings with others.

Building performance professionals, owners or managers of properties covered by New York City’s Greener, Greater Buildings Plan who have not yet complied with the 2013 benchmarking deadline (which was extended through May 31 but has now passed) have already incurred a $500 fine.  Those late filers who don’t  benchmark their covered buildings in Portfoliio Manager before the old site closes on June 25th will have just 22 days after the launch of the updated tool to benchmark their buildings in order to beat an August 1 deadline and avoid an additional penalty of $500. During the upload and data conversion process, no new building data information will be uploaded and new data will not be reviewed. Data already entered will be retained and available following the upgrade and relaunch, which will coincide with upgrades to EPA’s EnergyStar website.

New documentation about upgrades to Portfolio Manager, including a revised quick start guide and other specialized guides for entering data, generating custom reports and more, will soon be available from Energy Star.  AEA will once again provide training in conjunction with the City of New York to assist users to benchmark their properties using the new Portfolio Manager beginning with a webinar the week of July 15th.  Check our website for details and  information about training opportunities about the changes to Portfolio Manager.

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