Association of Energy Engineers | NY Chapter recognizes AEA Engineer

I am  proud to announce the selection of Meera Lita Tandon as Young Energy Professional of the Year by the New York Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers.  Meera and other recipients of awards will be honored at the Chapter’s annual awards gala in New York City on June 18, 2013.

Meera Tandon is a Senior Program Manager and Energy Efficiency Engineer at the Association for Energy Affordability (AEA). She serves as the program manager and lead engineer for Con Edison’s Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program, for which AEA is the Implementation Contractor.  Meera’s focus on making each business process more efficient has paid off. Under her leadership at AEA, the Con Edison Multifamily EE Program is achieving all its 2012-15 electric and gas savings goals. 

Meera sums up her perspective succinectly: “Behind every problem there’s a solution waiting to be uncovered. I like to work fast, because time is too precious to be wasted. I care about the world we live in, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the people and children we encounter. Problems are often intertwined and can appear complex; however, simple solutions can also be found sitting right in front of us.”

Meera has over seven years of experience in engineering design, research and development, and consulting.  While at AEA, Meera has worked with other energy efficiency programs, including DOE Weatherization and NYSERDA MPP, and has performed energy analyses and designed recommendations for heating, ventilation, energy management controls, and lighting upgrades for many multifamily projects throughout NYC.  

We are fortunate to have an experienced team of smart, mission-driven energy engineers and building performance professionals working at AEA.  Meera has been an integral part of that team and her contributions to its work have been substantial.  It’s great to see this tangible acknowledgement of her work coming from AEE and take this opportunity to celebrate this recognition with her.

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