AEA West Guides Multifamily Projects Toward GreenPoint Rating Certification

AEA, a Certified GreenPoint Rater for new and existing multifamily buildings in California, is currently rating five existing multifamily properties undergoing substantial renovations in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area, all of which are pursuing the GreenPoint Rated Whole Building Label. These 3 – 7 story structures range in age from 40 to 100 years old, with 25 – 105 units of affordable or supportive housing.

Build it Green, a California-based nonprofit dedicated to “promoting healthy, energy and resource efficient homes in California,” officially  added  the new label for GreenPoint Rated Existing Home Multifamily(GPR EHMF) in early 2011. GPR EHMF is a point-based system, where every project must meet point thresholds in five categories – Community, Energy Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality, Resource Conservation, and Water Conservation.

Like LEED certification, GreenPoint Rated certification requires a third party rater such as AEA to guide and verify details throughout the construction process. Both systems use points to rate the building, but where LEED buildings ultimately fall into different categories (Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum), GreenPoint Rated buildings require a minimum of 50 points to achieve the Whole Building Label.

GreenPoint Rated also differs from LEED in that it is more closely aligned with California’s ever-changing energy code and green building requirements; as a whole building certification program its reporting requirements are more accessible for builders; and its design requirements are more flexible for architects and other designers. Since the program’s implementation in early 2011, it has seen strong use and support from building owners, developers, policy makers, and building departments.

AEA’s five current projects are slated to achieve 85 to 120 points through measures such as efficient lighting systems, insulation and envelope improvements, mechanical system upgrades and replacements, renewable energy systems including solar domestic hot water and solar electricity, durable and low-VOC and formaldehyde finishes and cabinetry, and tenant education programs.

For more information regarding AEA’s GreenPoint rated certification services, please click here.

To learn more about the GreenPoint Rated labeling requirements, click here.

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