Tour a Mid-Rise Multifamily Passive House from the Inside Out

On October 20th, join us for a “Pro Tour” of HANAC’s Corona Senior Residence organized by NorthEast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA). Slated for completion in 2018, the 68-unit, mid-rise affordable housing development in Queens, NY is being built to the International Passive House Standard. AEA is the energy efficiency and Passive House consultant, and is the event’s host sponsor.  AEA also provides technical support for the contractor to ensure that installation techniques used on site will achieve the project’s goals.

A Passive House provides enhanced occupant comfort and health with very low energy use and emissions leading to substantial operating cost savings. It does so with continuous, high R-value insulation; ventilation heat recovery; a continuous air sealing layer; high-performance, triple glazed windows; and by eliminating thermal bridging.

This Pro Tour should be of special interest to those weighing different building performance goals for an upcoming multifamily project, especially for supportive or affordable housing. Representatives of AEA, HANAC (the nonprofit developer and housing provider), and the design and construction firms will be on hand to answer questions about the challenges they faced in aspiring to the Passive House Standard, and how the team is addressing them.

By holding the tour this fall, participants will get to see building systems (central HRV, in-unit ERVs, VRF Heat Pumps for space conditioning, windows, and all components of the building envelope) before they are fully enclosed in the walls, contributing to a better understanding of how these systems work.

For this building, the air barrier aims to meet the Passive House air-tightness requirement of 0.03cfm/square foot. The apartments feature windows with R-7 insulation values, to maintain even surface temperatures and reduce condensation risks. All ventilation is recovered at thermal efficiencies of 85%-93%. Consequently, heating demand for the residential part of the buildings is projected to be only about 3kBtu/sf-yr. Cooling demand is projected at 3.8kBtu/sf-yr.

The event begins at 1:30 PM at AEA’s Energy Management Training Center and Passive House Lab in the Bronx with a presentation by AEA’s Adam Romano. Adam is a Certified Passive House Consultant, Tradesperson and VeriPHier. He will discuss the strategies being employed to meet the passive house standard at this affordable, mid-rise, multifamily development and provide quick inspection of AEA’s passive house training facilities. Since 2012, AEA has trained hundreds of designers and contractors in the skills and techniques required to build structures that meet the exacting Passive House Standard.

A chartered bus will then take us to the project site where technical experts will describe the features of the building, focusing on its Passive House components. The tour will end with a Q&A session and refreshments in the first floor preschool space being installed at the site.

Learn more and register for the Pro Tour.

Space is limited, so be sure to reserve your place early.

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