AEA Statement on 2018 Clean Energy Jobs & Climate Agenda

On Jan 3, New York Governor Cuomo released his 2018 State of the State message.  At the Association for Energy Affordability, we are proud of the State’s energy leadership. New York is maximizing the economic, health, and safety benefits to residents and businesses by working to reduce overall energy usage through energy efficiency while supporting clean energy generation and storage to meet the State’s commercial and residential energy needs.

AEA Executive Director David Hepinstall commended Governor Cuomo for announcing a renewed commitment to energy efficiency in his 2018 State of the State.

“I welcome Governor Cuomo’s clear affirmation that investment in energy efficiency is necessary to meet the State’s climate change goals. Energy efficiency is a proven resource that can save consumers money and create jobs while reducing harmful emissions,” said Mr. Hepinstall.

“The Governor’s Reforming the Energy Vision wouldn’t be complete or successful without significant gains in efficiency. We are pleased Governor Cuomo has directed the Commission to set an energy efficiency target by Earth Day of 2018, and we look forward to implementation of policies that support increased public and private investment in efficiency starting in 2018,” he continued.

The Association for Energy Affordability also welcomes the Governor’s other clean energy announcements, especially solar access for low income households, strengthening the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, and supporting increased energy storage in New York. These are all necessary components to combat climate change and build a clean and resilient future for all New Yorkers.

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