AEA and GRID Alternatives team up to deliver Energy Efficiency + Solar Energy to Affordable Multifamily Housing

Multifamily heating system upgrades

The Association for Energy Affordability and Grid Alternatives Tri-State announced the formation of the Energy Efficiency and Solar Partnership (EESP) to bring the combined benefits of energy efficiency and solar energy to multifamily buildings where low-income households live.

The goals are to lower the building’s energy requirements by improving or replacing inefficient building systems, and to design and install – at minimal up-front cost – solar energy systems to supply a significant portion of the building’s electric load. 

The organizations will harness foundation and private financing together with incentives or funds from existing efficiency and renewable energy programs to overcome financial barriers to participation by cash-strapped housing providers. 

The initiative seeks to ensure that wherever possible, energy efficiency and water conservation improvements help to lower the utility bills of both residents and owners.

The results will be a more comfortable, healthier building that provides improved air quality and reduced outdoor air pollution from fuel emissions.  By reducing energy use and dependence on the grid for electricity, the initiative will help owners to manage operating costs in order to maintain affordable rents.

The two Bronx-based nonprofit organizations share a mission to reduce the energy burden and overall share of their income that low-income individuals and families must pay for their housing.   They will serve both nonprofit providers of affordable housing and other managers of eligible buildings.

In addition to building assessments, design services and installations, the team plans to provide technical training to help to bring new skills to workers seeking opportunities in their areas of expertise.

Click here to download and read the full the press release.

For more information or to apply for assistance for your affordable multifamily building, contact AEA at

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