Adam Romano Recognized for Contributions to Professional Development in Energy Efficiency Field

AEA’s Director of Training and Technical Services, Adam Romano CEM, CPHC, CPHT, MFBA, has been honored by the New York City Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) for his contributions to Professional Development in the energy efficient buildings industry. The award was presented at AEE’s 2018 NYC awards gala on June 19.

The award recognizes Adam’s technical knowledge as well as expertise in instructional design and delivery of information to audiences with a variety of educational and work backgrounds. It acknowledges the leadership roles he has played as a subject matter expert representing AEA on national panels convened by the US Department of Energy’s national laboratories to perform job task analyses and develop standard work specifications for multifamily energy upgrades. These initiatives served as the basis for advanced certifications for energy professionals.

Longtime AEE board member and Awards Chair Fred Goldner praised Adam’s role as an “early advocate for Passive House,” including his work to create dedicated hands-on training facilities to” showcase … advanced materials and mechanical equipment [and] designed to provide an immersive learning environment for skilled trade workers, architects and engineers alike, who are seeking to acquire the principles and techniques needed to construct the buildings of tomorrow.”

2018 AEE-NY awardees Deng Lin, Rudin Management rep, Jim Eves, and Adam Romano with AEE Board members Ryan Merkin and Fredric Goldner (not shown: Daniel Egan)

AEA training is delivered by professionals with extensive field experience, and Adam has been an exemplar of this. He joined AEA as a trainer in 2010, bringing valuable experience as a mechanical contractor to the design of curriculum and facilities that can assist analysts and contractors alike to deliver buildings with high performance heating and cooling systems. As AEA entered the Passive House marketplace, Adam quickly got his hands dirty. In presenting the award, Goldner cited his participation in “direct construction oversight and quality control testing on over a half-dozen passive house projects including the first certified Passive House building in a landmark district, the first certified Passive House Plus project in the United States, and the first Passive House Project in Manhattan.”

As a Passive House Consultant for AEA, Adam worked on the design and commissioning of the mechanical system and building envelope of HANAC’s Corona Senior Residence, a mixed-use multifamily project in Queens (NYC) that will provide 68 units of affordable senior housing plus a ground-floor Pre-Kindergarten program. Adam serves on the board of New York Passive House and is a founding member of NJ Passive House.

Surrounded by his co-workers and industry colleagues, Adam thanked executive director David Hepinstall for “inspirational” leadership and recognized his own mentors and coworkers at AEA. Today, Adam, you are our inspiration. Congratulations.

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