2014 Year-end Training Wrap-Up

As 2014 draws to a close, AEA’s Training Department looks back on a year of growth and change and a plate full of exciting opportunities for 2015.

As a long-standing BPI Test Center and an IREC-accredited training provider for all four of the NREL Home Energy Professional certifications – energy auditor, quality control inspector, retrofit installer and crew leader – AEA’s expertise is very much in demand. These certifications represent key industry credentials for the key roles played by weatherization, home performance, and utility efficiency program workers providing services to 1 – 4 family homes across the United States. And our growing role as trainers of experienced tradespersons seeking to build to the Passive House standard has led to new opportunities to train, install and present this exciting course content in conjunction with our training partner the Passive House Academy of Ireland.

  • Selected by NYSERDA to receive support for training workers to pursue or maintain their credentials to contribute to New York State’s ability to meet its aggressive energy-savings goals, we have trained some 470 eligible workers living or working in New York State with NYSERDA funding during 2014. Covered classes lead to certifications from the Building Performance Institute, Home Energy Professional, and Passive House Institute as well as a variety of continuing education classes.
  • AEA West has expanded its training offerings in California. Our new office in Emeryville gives us enlarged in-person training space. We continue to partner with Build It Green and StopWaste, and deliver our own Multifamily building operator and multifamily building analyst courses in cooperation with local utilities preparing students for these BPI certifications. Our next building operator class will take place in Irvington beginning on January 4th.
  • During the late summer, AEA staff worked closely with Elliott Management Consultants and local agencies and contractors to design, construct, and equip a training lab at Dawson College, part of Chicago’s community college system, providing much needed hands-on learning space for students aspiring to technical careers in home performance and related areas.
  • At AEA’s own training facility and newly-designated BPI Test Center in Chicago we commenced a round of training over several weeks, introducing key building science topics to assist Direct Installers, managers and administrative staff of Franklin Energy Services, along with their managers and administrative staff which runs utility energy efficiency programs in Illinois, to earn BPI’s new Building Science Principals Certificate
  • Overlapping with that course, last week we conducted training in Wisconsin for Franklin Energy staff preparing to launch a new utility efficiency program in multiple Midwestern and Southern states.
  • On the ground in Portland, Maine, we have just delivered our IREC-accredited Training Program to prepare Weatherization inspectors pursuing certification as HEP Quality Control Inspectors.
  • Back in Chicago, we will begin a five-day course in January training and preparing participants for the certification examination to become BPI Multifamily Building Analysts.

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