AEA delivers Energy Management System Training for Con Edison Multifamily Customers

The Association for Energy Affordability is conducting a series of classes for managers of properties that have installed Energy Management Systems (EMS) under the Con Edison’s Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program. The classes are being conducted with the support of Con Edison and the manufacturers of the Energy Management Systems, who provide detailed and hands-on presentations regarding their systems using equipment installed at AEA.

Eighty-three persons attended the first three sessions held in May and early June 2015. One training day was devoted to the each of the three top-selling systems in Con Edison’s Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program: Entech Digital Controls, US Energy Group, and Heat-Timer Corporation. Additional sessions will be scheduled as funding permits for multifamily customers who have installed devices made by companies such as OAS, BGS, PEPCO, and Intech21.

Classes are held in the Heating and Cooling Lab of AEA’s NYC Energy Management Training Center in the Bronx, where the Energy Management Systems of all of the above manufacturers are installed (and connected to functional demonstration boilers in the lab) for hands-on use by class participants. While all EMS have certain basic functions in common, the controls, settings, reports, and the screens on each device are set up differently.

Every class consists of a detailed session conducted by AEA’s expert trainers, and Spanish translation is provided. This portion of the course is universally applicable to any of the EMS products. Participants learn what to expect from their EMS, considerations for system set-up, what certain results reveal about the condition of their heating systems or behaviors of building occupants and operators, and how to utilize tracking information that Energy Management Systems provide to maximize resident comfort and energy savings in their properties and keep their buildings’ heating systems in good working order.

The course includes a technical presentation by the manufacturer’s own technical expert that refreshes and expands upon training provided to property owners or managers when their systems are installed, helping to ensure that key staff know how to navigate the screens on the device itself, where to go online to view tracking information about their buildings, and how to access and read tracking reports.

The course concludes with a wrap-up and Q&A session led by AEA trainers.

Con Edison is committed to helping its customers who invested in installing an EMS in a multifamily building get the most out of the investment that they made with Con Edison incentives. By providing this training, Con Edison and AEA (as the Implementation Contractor for its Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program) are helping those to integrate the information they gain from these systems into ongoing operating and maintenance decisions, and achieve persistent energy savings.

Other owners and managers wanting to learn more about their EMS systems or who are considering purchasing one for a multifamily property may sign up for Operating and Monitoring your EMS. Tuition for this course is discounted with support from NYSERDA through 2015 under AEA’s Building Energy Efficiency Futures program. For more information, call our Training Department at 718.292.6733 ext. 8023 or email

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