AEA conducts webinar on new EPA Portfolio Manager Tool

On July 26th, AEA’s Vince Peréz presented a webinar on the  new, upgraded Portfolio Manager online benchmarking tool, issued the previous week by the Environmental Protection Agency.  Vince took participants through much of the EPA’s instructional slide deck together with additional materials providing instructions for New York City property managers to enter and submit their data to the City’s Department of Finance.

The New Portfolio Manager includes some powerful standard and customizable reporting tools that can be used to understand the energy and water usage of single buildings or large portfolios, a feature previously left to purveyors of proprietary software such as Energy Scorecards or WegoWise.  The expanded set of options for property types, as well as the intuitive, user friendly graphical interface and ease of data sharing are among its many other improvements.   The public now has a free online benchmarking tool that offers key benefits of other cloud-based systems.

If you missed this webinar and would like to learn more about Portfolio Manager, the EPA has posted plenty of resources on its Energy Star website. Or go to our EPA Portfolio Manager  page to download a copy of Friday’s webinar presentation.

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