HANAC Corona Passive House ProTour Recap

Over sixty energy efficiency enthusiasts, real estate developers, design professionals and contractors gathered on October 20th for a tour of the HANAC Corona Senior Residence, a 68-unit affordable Passive House under construction in Queens, NYC. The tour was hosted by AEA and organized in collaboration with the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA), with the invaluable […]

Making Weatherization Connections at NYC WAP Forum

October 30, 2017 was Weatherization Day – a day to tell the story and acknowledge the widespread benefits of the federal Weatherization Assistance Program (“WAP”). The day began with the remnants of a rainstorm with high winds from the previous day still pummeling commuters on their way to work, and bringing to mind the damage […]

Tour a Mid-Rise Multifamily Passive House from the Inside Out

On October 20th, join us for a “Pro Tour” of HANAC’s Corona Senior Residence organized by NorthEast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA). Slated for completion in 2018, the 68-unit, mid-rise affordable housing development in Queens, NY is being built to the International Passive House Standard. AEA is the energy efficiency and Passive House consultant, and is […]

NYC Mayor Calls for Fossil Fuel Reduction Targets to Reduce Carbon Emissions

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio today announced a new step to limit carbon emissions from the built environment, establishing targets for fossil fuel use in buildings. The new mandate would require owners of affected properties to have efficient heating and cooling systems, hot-water heaters, and insulation installed in their buildings. The proposal, subject […]

Energy Efficiency and Solar Partnership

AEA and Grid Alternatives Tri-State launch new initiative targeting affordable multifamily housing

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AEA and GRID Alternatives team up to deliver Energy Efficiency + Solar Energy to Affordable Multifamily Housing

The Association for Energy Affordability and Grid Alternatives Tri-State announced the formation of the Energy Efficiency and Solar Partnership (EESP) to bring the combined benefits of energy efficiency and solar energy to multifamily buildings where low-income households live. The goals are to lower the building’s energy requirements by improving or replacing inefficient building systems, and […]

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Thanksgiving Thoughts

At Thanksgiving we take time to recognize the individuals and organizations that make it possible for us to perform our work and make progress toward our goals of making housing healthful, comfortable, energy efficient, and affordable. This includes the energy professionals, contractors and installers who depend on us for quality training to assess, specify, and […]

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AEA Passive House News

AEA helps passive house projects achieve their goals

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Top Ten Air Sealing Opportunities

1. Chimney/gas vent chase Chimneys and gas appliance vent pipes require large clearance to combustible materials like 2×4 framing. Often these chases are open to the attic and surrounding walls or floor joists. Seal them durably with approved materials like sheet metal and fire-rated caulks. 2. Plumbing chase The plumbing chase is often double framed […]

Celebrating 40 Years of Weatherization

The Weatherization Assistance Program was signed into law by President Gerald Ford as part of the “Energy Conservation and Production Act” (Public Law 94-385) on August 14, 1976. Federal regulations described the purpose of the Weatherization program to “increase the energy efficiency of dwellings owned or occupied by low-income persons, reduce their total residential energy expenditures, and improve […]

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