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The Association for Energy Affordability, Inc. shares your commitment to developing and maintaining affordable housing, and keeping it affordable.

We are an associate member of the New York Affordable Housing Management Association, a longtime affiliate member of the Supportive Housing Network of New York, and a leading Weatherization Assistance Program technical assistance provider and subgrantee. We are also the nonprofit  association of all Weatherization Assistance Program subgrantees in downstate New York.

Our unique combination of expertise and services includes full scale investment grade audits, building design services for high performance, green or passive house new construction, and training for building and property management personnel.

BPI Test CenterTraining.  AEA trains building managers and supers in methods that will help them get the most out of installed equipment by operating it for maximum efficiency. Our Energy Efficient Building Operations Specialist class is one of our most popular classes, offering BPI certification for those who choose to take the exam.

Our technical training for building operators, contractors and energy professionals has been widely recognized for excellence. A Building Performance Institute affiliate beginning in 1998, we are a BPI Test Center and trainer for BPI Gold Star Contractors. (Graduates of AEA training populate the staff rosters of many of New York’s leading energy consulting firms.) Our training programs for Weatherization workers are IREC-accredited and IREC Logo Training Providercontinuously updated. Our courses for installers of energy efficiency retrofits and new construction meet the latest Department of Energy standards and also include courses for experienced tradespersons to help them build to the Passive House Standard for deep energy savings.

Energy technical services – audits, retro-commissioning, and high performance new construction. We provide the most appropriate energy assessments and technical services – from simple “walk-throughs” to full investment grade audits – to work within your budget, goals and program requirements so that you can understand and take advantage of opportunities to upgrade or construct residences that are more energy efficient and economical to operate.  Our certified staff delivers retro-commissioning services that meet and exceed New York City requirements. If you want to construct a new building to the Passive House standard, AEA’s Certified Passive House Consultants and Certified Passive House Tradespersons can help you achieve your goals.

Energy efficiency programs and financial resources. Energy efficient housing often has the added benefits of being more comfortable, healthful, sustainable, safer to live in.  Because of our direct implementation roles in a wide variety of government and utility energy efficiency programs, we can assist you to access resources to make your properties more energy efficient and cost-effective to operate.

The energy efficiency programs that we implement provide resources for energy efficiency upgrades. Assistance varies according to each program’s eligibility requirements and rules.

  • Utility programs often provide surveys of energy saving opportunities and may offer assistance with obtaining a full energy audit.  They usually provide financial incentives for completed energy upgrades, but may offer free direct installation of energy-saving measures in apartment units or (in some areas) even free installation of certain common area retrofits.
  •  The Weatherization Assistance Program provides a turnkey approach to your project, complete with an energy audit, preparation of a project work scope, bid specifications for heating systems, energy efficient windows, etc., competitive procurement and oversight of construction including quality control inspection services for qualified buildings that meet income guidelines for a substantial portion of resident households.

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Energy Audits, Design Services, Usage Analysis and Energy Services

For those wishing to maximize the efficiency of their buildings, a full ASHRAE Level II energy audit is the best way to get a complete picture of the most cost-effective steps to take.  AEA is nationally known for the quality of its energy audits and engineering expertise in multifamily housing. AEA offers a broad range of energy-related design and consulting services — for both new construction and existing buildings.

AEA services include:

  • Energy audits
  • Work scope and specification development,
  • Construction management,
  • Green building design,
  • Quality assurance,
  • Energy usage monitoring and controls.

Read about all of our energy services here. 

Government and Utility Programs

AEA has been implementing the Con Edison Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program since 2010.  Beginning in June 2016, we have joined forces with Willdan Energy Solutions to continue in this role.  This time, AEA is specializing in serving affordable and supportive housing while Willdan assumes the reins as Implementation Contractor for the program. The MFEE Program installs free energy saving devices in the apartments of eligible buildings, and offers a free survey of your building’s common areas, to identify energy efficiency measures eligible for Con Edison incentives under the program.  To learn more about funding available to improve your buildings, contact Marta Bell at 212-279-4307.

Download a complete list of Con Edison Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program incentives for affordable and supportive housing here.

National Grid offers gas efficiency programs in its New York service areas in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Long Island. Click here for information about all National Grid incentives for multifamily buildings in New York City and Long Island.  National Grid directly administers its program for common area measures.  AEA is the implementation vendor for the National Grid Direct Install Multifamily Program. Along the right side of the National Grid web page you will find links to download the brochure and the application for  the National Grid Direct Install Multifamily Program.  For more information, call 1-800 427-6318 or email

Learn about other energy efficiency programs implemented by AEA, including the Weatherization Assistance Program, NYSERDA’s EmPower, Multifamily Performance Program and New Construction Programs, NYSERDA Home Performance with EnergyStar, and more here.


AEA offers courses for building performance professionals, energy efficiency technical and program staff, installers, weatherization workers, green professionals and job seekers in green industries. As part of its diverse curriculum, AEA offers Building Performance Institute (BPI) and Urban Green Council GPRO certification courses for building operators and property managers to help them run and maintain their equipment for maximum efficiency and performance, as well as a wide variety of courses for energy professionals, construction managers, and contractors.

Building staff make operations and maintenance (O&M) decisions daily that directly affect the comfort and safety of residents and the building’s energy costs. Energy Efficient Building Operator Specialist (EEBOPS) training helps building staff remove the guesswork from managing building performance for energy efficiency. Even the most experienced building operators and facility managers will learn new best practices that will yield immediate benefits and real cost savings. Completion of the EEBOPS course is a requirement for superintendents of multifamily buildings undergoing weatherization through the NYS Weatherization Assistance Program. EEBOPS also prepares students for this BPI certification. Read more about EEBOPS and the other BPI certification courses we offer here.

  • GPRO Operations & Maintenance –

    The GPRO Operations & Maintenance course is part of a series of courses and coordinated certificate exams that teach skilled workers how to meet the expectations of owners and tenants who want healthier, environmentally sustainable, and energy-efficient homes and offices. This course is intended for a wide variety of professionals who work on-site in building operations and maintenance. The types of buildings addressed range from multifamily residential to high-rise commercial to industrial. Candidates to take this course include building superintendents and managers to stationary or operating engineers.

  • Benchmarking Training –

    AEA has provided classroom training to owners and managers of buildings covered by the City’s benchmarking law on behalf of the City of NY since 2011, including a training video about how to benchmark buildings using the EPA’s “Portfolio Manager” software (as required of covered buildings under Local Law 84).  In 2013, the EPA launched an updated and improved version of Portfolio Manager.  Many online training resources are available directly from the EPA website. If you are interested in securing training from AEA for your employees on how to benchmark your building, please contact Adam Romano.

    Browse our full training calendar here.



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