AEA Training Facilities – Training for Energy Professionals and Contractors

AEA has training locations and test centers in New York City, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Chicago.

Energy Management Training Center
105 Bruckner Blvd, Bronx (New York), NY

The New York Energy Management Training Center at AEA contains a variety of learning environments to enhance the educational experience of trainees including a heating and cooling lab with fully functional demonstration boilers and energy management systems, pressure diagnostic building, two classrooms fully equipped for on-site and interactive distance learning, three conventional classrooms, a rooftop solar PV, solar thermal, and green roof demonstration and training platform, a computer training and testing lab, and student library.

The Center delivers training for energy professionals and contractors in the same building with AEA’s New York technical services offices enabling our technical experts with ongoing research and project responsibilities to serve as trainers for courses or modules in their specialties, bringing examples and observations from current projects into classroom discussions.

This facility is also the hub of AEA’s distance learning network of Weatherization Training Centers. The Energy Management Training Center is conveniently located just across the Willis Avenue Bridge from Manhattan in the Bronx. Click here for location details.

Heating and Cooling Training Lab

AEA continues to build on the high-efficiency, functional and demonstration heating, cooling, and domestic hot water making equipment, energy management systems, and other controls installed in its boiler lab, providing students with opportunities to directly observe the systems in operation. High-definition video brings unprecedented opportunities for students in remote classroom locations to participate in this experience. The lab also features a functional gas-fired hydronic condensing boiler and furnace equipment, ductwork,and inverters connected to AEA’s rooftop Solar PV arrays.

Pressure Diagnostics Multifamily Building

Several training centers across the country have a pressure diagnostic house to give their students direct opportunities to observe the dynamics of air flow, heat loss and other building science principles in action. AEA’s new pressure diagnostic building takes this concept one step further with an expanded set of built-in scenarios that can be used to demonstrate building dynamics specific to multifamily buildings as well as small homes. Read more about this.

Rooftop demonstration outdoor classroom

The solar thermal and solar PV arrays provide water heating and are net-metered to feed power to the grid. The “solar tube” skylights deliver daylight to windowless 2nd floor rooms. The white roof reflects summer heat from the building, while plantings on the green roof section filter the air from passing traffic and absorb rainwater, reducing pollution from stormwater runoff. The training platform provides a setting for students to learn about each of the elements of this rooftop instructional area, which also contains numerous monitoring devices to collect and track data on the benefits of the installed equipment. Beginning in 2012, AEA will host new courses on solar thermal and solar PV design, as well as a course on green roofs, each taught by qualified and experienced trainers. Check our training calendar for updated course information.


Interactive, High-Definition Distance Learning Classrooms and Video Production Studio

AEA’s boiler lab and selected classrooms and conference areas are wired for live, interactive distance learning using high definition technology that enables participants in multiple classrooms to engage in real-time discussions with the instructor and one another.

Our students give strong reviews to the benefits of our 3-D modeling training tools and animation graphics developed by AEA’s trainers and media department to make learning about complex building concepts processes more intuitive.

AEA’s unique distance learning platform combined with its leading edge facilities combine to give students unable to travel to New York to participate in training access to many of the installed equipment and displays in our training demonstration areas with enhanced visibility of features seen directly by students at the site, as well as video segments and instructor presentations.

Installer Training Lab

Our Bronx training facility includes an Installer Training Lab that serves as AEA’s Passive House Building Performance Lab in association with the Passive House Academy of Ireland, as well as the Northeast Regional Training Center for the Air Barrier Association of America, and the hub of our “hands-on” course offerings preparing students for BPI and NREL certification exams or green construction jobs.

The construction and renovation of both commercial and residential buildings is governed by increasingly detailed energy conservation codes and developers of new buildings seek Energy Star, LEED or the even deeper international Passive House certification for their properties.

This lab provides a setting for workers who are crew chiefs, installers and inspectors on such projects can prepare to understand the performance goals of projects they work on and to gain experience working with materials, processes and techniques used to insure that buildings meet exacting requirements for these certifications.

San Francisco Bay Area, California Office and Training Center
5900 Hollis Street, Suite R2, Emeryville, CA

AEA West moved to larger quarters in Emeryville, CA  in January 2014.  The new facility provides expanded training  and work space for our growing California operations.  It is conveniently located at the crossroads of San Francisco, Berkeley and Oakland and accessible via public transportation. AEA West’s experienced trainers conduct classes in preparation for BPI certifications at this location, from which they also contribute regularly to courses as part of AEA’s Distance Learning Network. In addition, they deliver training in other cities in California in conjunction with local training partners.

Chicago Office and Training Center
3025 N. Western Avenue, Rear Entrance – Ground Floor, Chicago, IL

AEA’s Chicago office and training space opened in Spring, 2014. This location is fully equipped with AEA’s distance learning technology, enabling students to interact in real time with AEA trainers and class participants both in person and at locations around the country, and to take advantage of animated video simulations and 3-D tools, as well as the installed demonstration equipment at AEA’s Bronx Energy Management Training Center.  The site is also a BPI Test Center.

Chicago Hands-On Training Lab
6000 S. Central Avenue, Chicago, IL

AEA offers hands-on training leading to BPI and NREL certifications for installers and contractors performing energy efficiency retrofit and new construction services in the greater Chicago area from its convenient training lab near Midway Airport.

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